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Strongly Believe...
So after I became a Christian, I started to read the Bible and watched some movies about Bible and Jesus (a short cut to help me knowing some key facts). My fiance heard the Passion of the Christ produced by Mel Gibson was really good and more authentic, so we bought the DVD. Guess what? As soon as the actor who played Jesus in that movie started speaking, I couldn't believe what I heard - he spoke in a very similar language as in "the voice" I heard that Friday afternoon. I was so overwhelmed. I knelt down right away and sobbed for a few minutes. My fiance had to pause the DVD to let me finish crying. I could even tell the difference in the actor's voice from “the voice”. The actor's voice was softer and gentler, but I don't mean "the voice" was firm or stern, it was just deeper and more authoritative. As to the language wise, it was so similar... This part alone blew me away, and I was in awe that it was Jesus who came to my humble home when I am only a nobody.

 Later I found out that Mel Gibson wanted the movie to be more authentic, so the Jesus in that movie speaks Aramaic, the language most people believe was what real-life Jesus spoke when He was in Galilee and those areas back then. I am so touched by such experience that I started to learn some basic Aramaic language. 

Now I am proud to say I have a very strong heart for Christ only within such a short time, but I thank God and Jesus everyday for giving me such strong confirmations. I feel so blessed that I received those two strong confirmations. Maybe God and Jesus took pity on me, knowing I was always very analytical, logical and stubborn, so I needed to be proven wrong. Since then I felt the Holy Spirit numerous times. (I will count each time I felt the Holy Spirit in a separate page later, since it has been only two months, so my memory for each time is still fresh.) So, guys, you believe what you want to believe, but please just keep an open heart, an open mind and open ears. That's all I can ask.  

I remember one story in the Bible was after Jesus healed a blind man, and the high priests were questioning him about it, and he said something like this: “All I know is I was blind, and now I can see.” That is EXACTLY how I feel. I will say this to you: “All I know is I was a non-believer, and now I strongly believe.”