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Sunday, January 22nd, 2012
And the next day (Sunday, January 22nd, 2012) on the way to the church (remember I used to go only because my fiance's son plays guitar there?), all of a sudden, I felt this strong love and warmth at my heart for no reason. Then all the memories flashed back to me of numerous occasions when I could have been killed or injured, and times when I desperately needed help and asked Buddha to help me. (My mom was a very faithful Buddhist, so growing up I would accompany her to Buddhist temples, and I developed the habit of asking Buddha or thanking Buddha, just in case there was a Buddha.)  

Then as soon as we walked in the church, that pastor was SO inspired, he right away said:" Can you feel Him? Can you feel Him?". Now, he usually is a pretty calm and relaxed guy. Both my fiance and I have never seen him THAT inspired before or after that day, and we have been going there for two years. Thinking back, I believe God was with me on the way to the church, showing me His love for me, and letting me know it was Him all along who had been helping me and saving me. He even escorted me in to the church, and that was why the pastor was extremely inspired.

Later, the pastor said certain things I just felt that he was talking about me, and my fiance said: “Maybe God is speaking to you through him.” Now I have no doubts about that because the pastor said the Prayer of Salvation (to ask people if they accept Christ as their savior) in a way he never did before. (Remember I said he usually is a very mellow guy who doesn't get too excited?) He said the prayer in such a forceful and exciting tone because he was inspired by God, or God was speaking through him. Another thing is, he usually only does such prayer once in a while and we did not used to go to the church every Sunday, so I believe his prayer that morning was meant for me. At the end of his prayer, I said: “Yes” in my heart.

That's was the day I became a Christian. I only remembered “the voice” a few days later, and only then did I realize the significance of this whole 3-day event. I also believe now since I naively ignored “the voice”, so God gave me the second confirmation the next day. Since I prayed for "people not to bump into us", so He proved that He heard me by the demonstration. (There was NOT supposed to be a car accident to begin with because none of us got hurt at all, not even a scratch, not even those three guys in that car, with such high speed flying down, hitting the guardrails on both sides, and with the debris flying around, the airbag didn't even pop up...)

Dear patient readers, with my sincere and honest heart, I need to let you know God is for real, Jesus is for real and the Holy Spirit is for real. I was proven wrong. So, now I have the responsibility to tell people how wrong I was. Yes, Jesus is well and alive because He came to my humble home two months ago. I believe I was not the only one He tries to reach out or speak to, but you are just too busy to hear Him. 

There are more to my story....